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What is it like to work with Silana?

"Silana has been a catalyst for me.  A year and a half ago, our divine appointment changed the entire trajectory of my life. She brought the awakening and healing I was seeking.  She is an angel, I have no doubt, and I will forever be grateful to her for helping me step into the greater life that was waiting for me. She can be this for you as well.
If you are needing gentle loving guidance and healing to assist you in reconnecting with your true Self, Silana is a reservoir of wisdom, love, and light who will help you like no other."

Dr. Kelly McKown-Smallwood, DDS

"Silana is truly special. It’s not often that you meet someone like her in the world. She is pure love without any kind of judgment. She has a gift for knowing/intuition BEYOND BELIEF and her readings are so accurate and eye-opening on many levels. Meeting Silana has definitely enriched my life and I would not hesitate for a second to recommend her to anyone."

Rebecca Welch Tal, Insurance Specialist

“Wow! My reading with Silana was incredible! She was able to tap into several of my past life experiences that had pertinent info for my current life right now. And she was able to tell me the smallest details of the feeling or the energy of a specific person or situation, which gave me so much clarity and ease to focus on my direction and make decisions at this time in my life. Thank you so much!”

Mia Sine, QHHT Practitioner

"Silana and her sessions have helped me navigate through lots of mental and emotional hurdles. Her skillset and intuitive abilities go way beyond what I have experienced with any other reader or healer. I know I can always count on her to provide exactly what I need with each session."

Deena Sharipova, Retired Paralegal

"I was blessed to receive a powerful healing session with Silana around the passing of my mother.  The session helped me find the inner peace and resolution I needed. I have since recommended her services to all my friends."

Daniel Gutierrez
Leadership Expert / Master Business Coach /
Best Selling Author

"I am transformed by my mediumship reading with Silana. She relayed valuable messages from my loved ones who passed on—providing so much healing, clarity, and insight. She validated many things for me with her first words, and the accuracy of details she provided was just incredible. I highly recommend working with Silana.  You will gain a new and higher perspective on life, your loved ones who have passed on, and you may be surprised and filled with joy and tears. I look forward to booking another session with her soon! Most appreciative for this gift of peace of heart!"

Winona Miller

"Working with Silana has peeled so many layers off my Life! From the first moment I met her, I could feel the presence of angels.  I've done several different sessions with her, but particularly fun was the abundance work she took me through. I have seen and felt such an improvement in my financial world since! My fears dissolved into an empowered knowing and comfort in my worthiness and ability to create and have the things I desire for myself and my family!!! 
Silana is a treasure to the Earth and it's a pleasure to work with her. Whenever I'm working with her, whether distance or in person, I feel like I'm in the presence of the Ancients. Wisdom and healing abound from working with Silana & I am deeply thankful.

​M. Brady, LMT

"Every now and then you meet someone truly  special.  Silana is one of those people. Her readings and teachings are a highly sophisticated blend of practical knowledge and spiritual wisdom that never fail to lift you to your higher ground.  I highly recommend working with her!!!"

Joy Balma, MA, MS
Own It Women Coaching & Retreats

"Silana and her amazing gifts give Life to the Lifeless, Hope to the Hopeless, and Healing to the Hurt! There is no amount of thanks or gratitude that I can give her for giving me back my life, free of pain and despair. Now my light can shine as a beacon for my family and friends. I am forever her awakened friend."

Stefanie Smith, HR Professional

“We’ve loved having Silana at our Center. Her presence is always enjoyable and uplifting. She is an incredibly gifted intuitive and energy healer and is able to quickly help people realize their next steps in life’s journey. I feel confident booking clients with Silana, as I know her standards are high and her guidance is on target.”

Jeff Portnoy, Manager at Jamar Enlightenment Center

“Silana has a beautiful gift of going beyond 3D to answer important life questions. She is very kind, listened, understood, and was able to convey to me where my blockages were and why they were there. She was able to see my past lives and understood things about me only I would know. Since working with her I feel like a huge weight has been lifted from my heart. I’m able to live much more in the present, which is a huge gift! I enthusiastically recommend Silana if you are trying to figure things out or want to clear some blockages that may prevent you from moving forward in life. Thank you so much Silana! I’m so grateful.

Marguerite Tremble, Acupuncturist & Artist

“Silana gets a ton of information downloaded, providing many “ahas” for me with each session. Her intuitive guidance is impeccable. I have no doubt in her well-honed abilities and integrity. Silana, I cannot thank you enough!"

Mari Neitling, LCPC

Mindblowing! Loving, powerful and transformational!

​Silana is a highly intuitive and compassionate channel for Spiritual Healing and Divine Guidance. Through her keen insight into past lives and how they affect us today, she has opened my heart to the abundant perspective of Soul consciousness. Her work has permanently shifted my thought patterns and beliefs to a more positive and abundant outlook on life. This was very beneficial at work and in personal relationships with friends and family. Silana has opened the door to a greater understanding and experience of abundance on many levels. I realized that abundance is not just about wealth and money, but more about one's ability to receive the many blessings and lessons of life! This has been truly transformational and life changing. I now see life differently, looking through the eyes of Soul, knowing that I am worthy to receive abundance on all levels. I highly recommend her services! She is a blessing.
Chris H.
Telecommunications Assistant and Yogic Healer from Germany