Working with my Spiritual Team of Ascended Masters, I use all of my experience, training, and intuitive gifts to help you release unconscious blocks keeping you stuck, and to become a conscious co-creator of your life.  

I am an Intuitive Medium, Spiritual Healer, Energy Healer, Resonance Repatterning Practitioner, and Transformational Coach for women. Working with me will help you to embody your highest self, and to live an empowered, Soul-centered life of your own creation. My sessions include:

  • Light Language
  • Intuitive Soul Reading
  • Transformational Coaching
  • Mediumship
  • Etheric (Inner body) Cleansing
  • Spiritual/Energy Healing
  • Memory Reimprinting
  • Resonance Repatterning

Light Language

​Light Language is an ancient Mayan system based on light speed healing techniques that work with sacred geometry and colored light to reshape the aura and co-create reality. 

It has been passed down for 25+ generations from an unbroken lineage of Curanderos (Mexican Shamans). Light Language lineage holder Starr Fuentes has brought this work to the modern world at a time when we are moving into the “Light Age”, as our our spiritual evolution is moving upward through the chakras. Now we are more ready than ever before to apply this ancient Mayan wisdom to our lives.  

Quote: "If we change what is in the higher bodies, the lower bodies will change to resonate with the energies that are coming from above." —Starr Fuentes 

Light Language is clear and direct, free of the clouded connotations that words carry, and from this clarity, the universe responds with miracles. ​

Etheric Cleansing

"Your subconscious beliefs are either working for you or against you.—Dr. Bruce Lipton

​I practice an ancient system of clearing and healing the inner bodies that bypasses the conscious mind and goes directly to the source of whatever issue you are facing. 

The clearing work is based on an in-depth understanding of the inner bodies and chakra system. This system is very unique and has a growing list of transformed clients. Only 50 or so people have been trained in this method in the entire world. It does not have a formal name, other than "Etheric Cleansing." 

Over the years our inner bodies and chakras accumulate thought forms, attitudes, judgments and beliefs which may have helped us as children, however, as adults they have become blockages which stop us from living a productive and balanced life. We feel stuck, stagnant and we don’t know why. We just know something is wrong and that life is not everything it could be. Our inner world is blocked and life gets hard and complicated.

Trauma can cause the spirit flowing in each body part and chakra to become fixed or stuck in the past. These Spirit pieces can be healed and brought up to the present. When healed and in the present, we regain our power, self esteem, and creative spark. Our electromagnetic river (our spirit/Shakti) begins to flow. We come out of Spiritual Bankruptcy and reconnect with our divine power and truth of our being.

What is Resonance Repatterning?
If there is anything, and I do mean ANYTHING in your life, world, or affairs that you are willing and ready to heal,this work is something you will want to discover and embrace. Resonance Repatterning is powerful.”   
 --Iyanla Vanzant

Resonance Repatterning is a process that enables you to create positive change in any area of your life where you experience limitation. It is a form of energy healing that allows you to shift what you're resonating with — effortlessly. This means that you automatically respond differently to situations and begin to attract new scenarios and opportunities into your life. Because Resonance Repatterning works on principles of quantum physics, it can be done from a distance, in groups by remote distance healing proxy, or one-on-one.

Resonance Repatterning is based on principles of new physics and psychology, as well as ancient healing practices. It is a synthesis of many energy-healing modalities –  including the Chinese five-element theory of the meridians, acupuncture, and the Ayurvedic theory of the chakras.

As a Practitioner of the Resonance Repatterning® system, I can help you identify the unconscious patterns that hold you back in life.  As we clear non coherent, lower energy states from your mind-body-spirit system, you can live more in the present with joy, authenticity, and a sense of inner balance and freedom.  

To learn more about Resonance Repatterning, watch the video below to watch an introduction with its founder, Chloe Faith Wordsworth.