Live Beyond Fear & Let Your Light Shine!

Welcome! My name is Silana and thank you for joining me. Many of us hold a deep belief that we are inadequate and unworthy of love and belonging. We’ve been hypnotized into believing that something’s wrong or lacking within us and that our life is a big problem to solve.
But what if there is nothing wrong with you in any way? What if you’re not broken and do not need fixing and no mistakes have been made? What if everything you need to shine your TRUE LIGHT already exists inside you, waiting to be activated?

Radical Self Value: Live Beyond Fear - Know Your True Unlimited Self

My program was inspired by a life altering event, a Near Death Experience I had in 2018. For most of my life, I lived under the shadow of "not-good-enough." I was stuck in the ego trap of believing I had to constantly improve and fix myself before I could be worthwhile. My NDE was a wake-up call that shook me to the core, because it showed me that I had it all backwards. I had based my life on THREE FALSE BELIEFS.

These three HUGE misunderstandings prevent us from loving the essence of who we are and shining our light. By denying the truth inside ourselves, we also deny the gifts that are meant to flow through us.

Using my natural intuitive abilities along with an ancient healing system known as LIGHT LANGUAGE, my program will allow you to:

  • Easily increase your self love and self value
  • Take back your power
  • Clear the chaos in your auric field 
  • Activate your original divine blueprint
  • Resonate with higher thought forms
  • Change what is in the higher bodies so the lower bodies will follow

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1. Your self worth and value is earned 

FACT: Your self worth and value is within you. It is not something to be acquired. All that is necessary is to accept it. 

2. It is selfish to love yourself

FACT: We've been taught that taking care of our own needs first is selfish. But truly loving yourself is the most selfless thing that you can do for everyone around you. Not loving yourself is actually selfish and egotistical. 

3. The stories you tell yourself are true 

FACT: You are not your story. The latest research in memory says that 50% of what we refer to in our past isn't even the truth. In addition, 98% of your thoughts, feelings and emotions do not belong to you!  The truth of who you really are is so much bigger and more magnificent than your can imagine. 

My ebook: Radical Self Value: Live Beyond Fear - Know Your True Unlimited Self

offers life-changing keys to help you break free from the shackles of fear and shame and embody your most authentic, empowered self. You'll discover profound truths about your relationship to Life / God / Source that hold the secret to unconditional happiness and wellbeing.

Increase Your Self Love

Activate the codes and instructions for self love and self value already inside you  

Take Back Your Power

Shift your perspective to an "inside-out" empowering worldview

Clear 80% of the Chaos in Your Auric Field

Attract experiences which bring you joy instead of chaos

Work with the Law, "As Above, So Below"

Change what is in the higher bodies so the lower bodies will follow


Radical Self Value 

When you purchase Radical Self Value Program to Living Beyond Fear, you get my ebook + the MP3: Light Prayer Affirmations + 10 Light Language Grids/Downloads. These products all work together to support you in living from your true essence so you can be the empowered creator of your own experiences.


The Book: Radical Self Value: Live Beyond Fear - Know Your True Unlimited Self

Radical Self Value is an invitation to drop the mask, shine your light, and ALLOW the FULLEST expression of your True Self. Silana offers transformative understanding through her Near Death Experience and her divine lesson about the False Self (ego), what's really preventing us from living our divine purpose, and how to "be love." The life affirming insights in this book will help you cultivate soul-deep self-love, and to value the unique expression of the Infinite that you are. Radical Self Value reawakens the divine spark within, and the freedom and joy that is your birthright. This book is a guide on your sacred journey. If you’ve been looking for a sign, this is it!


Audio MP3 Light Prayer Affirmations 

This MP3 teaches you how to work with your Light Language grids. You will learn a centering / connecting process that has been passed down from the Mayan Curandero Master Healers / Shamans. Saying the 'word' or 'essence' out loud in a specific way will anchor it into your field (aura) and make it available to you in an instant. You will then have a conscious tool available at a moment's notice to bring you back to your center or True Self whenever you need it.

About Silana

​Silana Lundin

Silana is an Intuitive Medium, Spiritual Healer, Repatterning Practitioner, and Intuitive Coach for women. Silana has been doing transformational work with individuals and groups for over 20 years. She’s been a featured radio and TV guest expert on the topic of healing and balancing the sacred feminine and masculine aspects.

It was through a Near Death Experience (NDE) that Silana healed a lifetime of shame and fear that kept her from expressing her truest self and sharing her gifts with the world. She also brought back enhanced intuitive abilities, which she uses to help people awaken to their true identity and live their destiny. 

Many of Silana's clients include thought leaders, corporate executives, best selling authors, and successful entrepreneurs. 

What people are saying about Silana

and her work

"Having had the privilege to see the world from the other side..."

“If you want to live from the truth of who you are, Silana’s remarkable story, teachings, and healing gifts are a roadmap to a life led by unconditional love, acceptance, and joy instead of fear. Silana was an exceptional speaker on my show and truly exemplified in every word she shared how to be a shining light despite overwhelming circumstances.​ ​Having had the privilege to see the world from the other side, Silana is able to share with readers and listeners a wisdom that inspires, that gives hope and that provides a roadmap for evolution.​ I was absolutely touched to have had her as a guest on my show.​”

Ilona Selke

​Bestselling Author - 


Ilona Selke is an internationally best-selling author of 3 books and seminar leader and speaker in the Human Potential Movement since 1991.

Additionally Ilona Selke is:

Co-author with Brian Tracy of the Bestselling book THE SUCCESS BLUEPRINT. 

Co-author with Jack Canfield THE BIG SECRET. Jack Canfield is bestselling author of CHICKEN SOUP OF THE SOUL 

Ilona Selke is featured on TV on A&E and BRAVO in an interview with Jack Canfield

"Thank you dear Silana for sharing your gifts with me!"

“Some people are just born with the intuitive and rare gift of connection, transcendence, and healing. Silana is one of them.

Silana possesses the rare gift of listening beyond what is said; feeling past what is concrete. I experienced myself how her caring and intuitive gifts can help rewrite old scripts – and give peace and light, where there was too much darkness.

Thank you dear Silana for sharing your gifts with me!”

​Lara E. Fielding

Ph.D., Ed.M. Clinical Psychologist, Adjunct Professor, Author, ​​Mastering Adulthood: Go Beyond Adulting to Become an Emotional Grown-Up

"My session with Silana was literally a REBIRTH for me!"

“My session with Silana was literally a REBIRTH for me! It answered so many questions I have been riddled with since childhood. 

The very next day after my Soul Healing session with Silana, I received the first spontaneous sponsorship for my project to support & empower Divorced Women. The donations & support for the project have been flowing in since then.

Within a week of my session I received an 8 year old payment of almost $3000 which was withheld by my old employers. I also received an unexpected assignment at work worth $750. This session was priceless! Thank You Silana!!!”

​Luckey Tyagi


What’s inside the program?

The Radical Self Value Program to Living Beyond Fear includes the ebook: Radical Self Value + the MP3: Light Prayer Affirmations + 10 Light Language Grids (Downloads). These products work together to help you restructure your aura to attract energies and experiences which align you with your TRUE EMPOWERED SELF!

Option A is valued at over $450 USD. Now, you can DOWNLOAD ALL 12 PRODUCTS for just $55!

In addition, right now I have a special LIMITED TIME OFFER that’s ONLY available to the first 50 people who order. 

Special Offer ONLY for the First 50 People!  

"Before my session I felt like my Soul was tired. After my session I had a sense of connection to the Universe like I never felt before! Amazing! I am so grateful!"
—E.E. from Germany

If you choose Option B, you get everything in Option Aplus, I will create a Personalized 7 Chakra Grid (for your chakra system only) using Light Language. Your grid will be activated for 17 months. 

Light Language grids are codes and instructions that already exist inside you, but haven’t been activated. Once your Personalized 7 Chakra Grid is created and installed, it keeps you OUT OF CHAOS or 17 MONTHS. 

Your grid will focus your intention, clear interference patterns from your path, and restructure your aura, anchoring in the specific energies you most need. 

Pricing Plan

​Option A

Radical Self Value Program
to Living Beyond Fear



  • Ebook: Radical Self Value: Live Beyond Fear - Know Your True Unlimited Self
  • Audio MP3: Light Prayer Affirmations
  • 10 Light Language Grids: Downloads
  • Normal Price $450 - You save $395
​Option B

​Radical Self Value Program

+ Personalized 7 Shape Chakra Grid 
(Keeps You Out of Chaos for 17 Months)



  • ​Includes everything in Option A
  • ​+ Personalized 7 Shape Chakra Grid
  • ​Only available to the first 50 people 
  • Only available for one week




100% Satisfaction Guarantee for 30-Days

OPTION B:  No refund once personalized grid is availed.

Don’t wait! See what clients have to say about working with Silana

"My healing session with Silana was hands down the best session I have ever had, and I have had a lot!"

"My session with Silana was hands down the best session I have ever had, and I have had a lot! She is everything a healer should be—accurate, kind, caring, intuitive, helpful, and she truly truly cares about people. She has that extra something. Silana can truly call herself a healer. A lot of other people just talk the talk. I am still basking in the glow of the healing I received." 

​K. Malone


"I feel free for the first time from the shackles of deeply rooted beliefs formed long ago."

“It seems like a miracle how much my attitude has changed since working with Silana. I feel free for the first time from the shackles of deeply rooted beliefs formed long ago. I am no longer ruled or held back by an old fear of the world, of being seen, or of fully participating in life. I shall be forever grateful to Silana for her role in retrieving and re-imprinting those stumbling blocks on the path to abundance and wholeness!”

​C. Alexis


"Silana is a reservoir of wisdom, love, and light who will help you like no other."

"Silana brought the awakening and healing I was seeking.  She is an angel, I have no doubt, and I will forever be grateful to her for helping me step into the greater life that was waiting for me. She can be this for you as well.

If you are needing gentle loving guidance and healing to assist you in reconnecting with your true Self, Silana is a reservoir of wisdom, love, and light who will help you like no other."

​Dr. Kelly McKown-Smallwood


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Get my Free Light Language Grids - Valued at $88.
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