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Intuitive Medium     Spiritual Healer     Energy Healer     Light Language Practitioner           
Resonance Repatterning Practitioner    Transformational Coach for Women 

Welcome, beautiful Soul!

Are you ready to activate your full potential and purpose--heart, mind, and Soul, the way nature intended?

Are you ready to embrace your worth—to heal the parts of you that have been rejected so you have access to your full power, so the seeds of potential can emerge in your life?

The good news is, you are not lacking anything. You are already whole and complete. Just as the acorn already contains the blueprint to become an oak, everything you need to fulfill your full potential is already inside you.

As a channel through which life (God) expresses Itself, you were designed to serve the emergence of your Highest Self--to recognize your own true nature and to serve it—deliver it—for the good of all.

Shakti is the sacred feminine power of the universe. It is the innate impulse to grow, birth, and create. Shakti puts the ideas of the universe into action. 

If your inner channel is blocked, (similar to a hose with a kink in it), your divine feminine life force, your Shakti, cannot flow. 

As electromagnetic beings, our inner bodies and chakras accumulate thought forms, trapped trauma, negative programs, patterns, and beliefs which keep us stuck in the past. As a result, we feel blocked, stagnant, and we don't know why.  We lose our creative spark and become disconnected from our power source, our vitality.

In the yogic tradition, this stuck flow of energy is called a Samskara. These are the blocked or unfinished energy patterns that can end up running your life.  

Every system in nature has a circuitry—an inflow and an outflow.  We need both parts to complete the circuit. 

Just as a body of water with no inlet and outlet stagnates, when we "unkink" the hose, fresh water can flow in and an entire oasis blossoms where there was once a swamp. 

We are no different.  Where energy flows, life grows.

If you feel stuck or stagnant in any area of your life, I can help!  

After working with women for over two decades, I have uncovered the core blocks and protective patterns that sabotage our success.

I combine my natural intuitive gifts with an ancient healing system that allows me to quickly identify and heal these broken circuits.

When we clear these disruptions, your electromagnetic river, your Shakti, begins to flow and your energy is liberated.

“If you want to live from the truth of who you are, Silana’s remarkable story, teachings, and healing gifts are a roadmap to a life led by unconditional love, acceptance, and joy instead of fear. Silana was an exceptional speaker on my show and truly exemplified in every word she shared how to be a shining light despite overwhelming circumstances.
Having had the privilege to see the world from the other side, Silana is able to share with readers and listeners a wisdom that inspires, that gives hope and that provides a roadmap for evolution.”

~Ilona Selke, International Best Selling Author
Co-author with Brian Tracy of the Bestselling book THE SUCCESS BLUEPRINT.
Co-author with Jack Canfield THE BIG SECRET.
Featured on TV on A&E and BRAVO in an interview with Jack Canfield

"Some people are just born with the intuitive and rare gift of connection, transcendence, and healing. Silana is one of them. As a Clinical and Behavioral Psychologist, I practice with a deep belief in the science of how humans heal. At the same time, there is more to healing than just the reductionist and soulless steps of an evidence-based protocol. Silana possesses the rare gift of listening beyond what is said; feeling past what is concrete. With this talent, she has the ability to guide her clients into a different – more healing – narrative. When my mother passed away I experienced myself how her caring and intuitive gifts can help rewrite old scripts – and give peace and light, where there was too much darkness. Thank you dear Silana for sharing your gifts with me!"

Lara E. Fielding, Psy.D., Ed.M. Clinical Psychologist, Adjunct Professor, Author
Mastering Adulthood: Go Beyond Adulting to Become an Emotional Grown-Up

  • Shift from seeing surrender as sign of defeat, to seeing it as your greatest strength and superpower 
  • Let go of your sense of smallness and merge into your fulness, wholeness, and power
  • Release the need to control things and experience more freedom
  • Drop your defenses and tune into your true essence
  • Forgive self and others in order to give yourself love and freedom
  • Embrace the rejected parts of yourself so you have access to your full power
  • Reclaim a nourishing connection with Unconditional Love, releasing guilt and shame
  • Release attachment to the past and resistance to being who you truly are
  • Effortlessly co-create, allow, and attract what you want, instead of pushing, striving, and exhausting yourself in pursuit of your goals
  • Know your divine worth 
  • Know that you are not lacking anything, so nothing can be added to you
  • Know the inexhaustible source that you already are
  • Drop your defenses and tune into your true essence
  • Tap into the overflowing reservoirs of your sacred feminine energy to fuel your creative contributions to the world
  • Invest in yourself! Whatever you're trying to get from "out there" is blocking the flow if it in your life, because whatever is missing is what you are not giving. Do you desire accepance? Unconditional love? Appreciation? Pick a need and ask, "How can I give this to myself?"

Here is where it starts, with us embarking on a sacred journey of transformation together!
If you are ready to create the life you desire and deserve, I offer a 2-Step path to working with me: 

Step #1: Single Soul Reading/Healing Session 

Step #2: Transformational Coaching/Healing Program

With the Coaching/Healing Program, you work one-on-one with me as I take you through a life changing 2 month excursion into the Truth of Your Being.

I access the wisdom of your Divine Nature (Soul), providing you with high energy guidance, clearing out of old karmic patterns and blocks, transmissions, and practical tools that awaken your heart so that real healing, growth, and ultimate freedom can happen.